Magistrates Respond - District 1, Tony Denton


I decided to respond to the CJEs comments. As usual, his response blames everyone else. 
I’m being accused of overruling a court decision. This is comical since this court decision that is being referred to never had a vote of any kind. It was a topic that was discussed. The judge brought up that he wanted the entire office staff including his deputy to attend a conference.
This would mean the entire office has to be closed.
The deputy judge is supposed to be in the office when the judge is not.  Apparently, she didn’t like our input and after the meeting ended proceeded to tell the office that they were not allowed to attend the conference that the magistrates voted on it.
NOT true. We were just concerned as to why the office had to be closed for a conference.
If the judge is going the deputy judge should not need to go. I simply asked the deputy judge why she was twisting things around and purposely upsetting the other office staff.  This is not overruling or ordering anything in any way. 
The judge claims to respect everyone. Well, this has been proven otherwise numerous times. I had a conversation with him about various things and he was irate, screaming, and cussing the entire time.
I told him about the possibility of applying for state funding for blacktop (he’s the one who is supposed to do this) but he refused, saying he wouldn’t beg for money for anything. However, he doesn’t mind raising taxes for it.  
We magistrates are trying our best to take care of our responsibilities. However, the CJE constantly writes negative articles about us and has them printed in another paper. Everything in the articles turned in under his name is complete nonsense and lies. I would like to tell the CJE that the Judge Executive should be out in the county, looking at roads, talking to citizens, and just checking on things in general. Instead, he spends a lot of time taking two hour lunches and sitting at the poolroom.  
I want the citizens of Adair County to know that I will always do my best for my district and Adair County! 

Tony Denton 
Magistrate District 1

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