Magistrates Respond - District 6, Mark Humphress


To The Citizens of Adair County:
As Magistrate of the 6th District, I feel that I have done what is best for all citizens of Adair County since my term began in January 2023.
I have tried to refrain from responding to the Judge’s newspaper articles and social media posts. However, I feel as though I need to let the residents of Adair County know that I am here to serve them.
What you read in the papers from week to week is only half of the story. I will not lower myself to a level of bullying, insulting or trying to “stir a pot.”
I work every day talking to taxpayers of this county and I value each of their opinions and requests. Sometimes difficult decisions must be made, and this doesn’t leave everyone involved satisfied. But that is no excuse to slander others in hopes of getting what you want.
Our goal is for the court to work together, to conduct business in a professional manner and to leave unprofessional behavior at the door. We are here to serve as a voice for the citizens of Adair County and to do what is best for them. Despite what you have read from the Judge, I think I can speak for all magistrates when I say that we all want to see Adair County grow and prosper. However, we cannot put the burden of paying for that solely on our taxpayers.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me.
Mark Humphress
Magistrate District 6

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