New Art School opens in KY


We have opened a new art school for higher education in Burgin, Kentucky. Our Grand Opening was June 1st. Attached is a picture of the ribbon cutting with Dr. Michael and Debbie Carter, Dylan Morse, Taren Morse, William Morse, Devin Morse, Dana Morse, Michael and Carol Conover during the Grand Opening on June 1, 2024.

Here is a little info about our school. Arts Atelier 146, is a Christ-centered institution of creative professionals. Our vision as an institution is to provide the knowledge and skills necessary for students to become industry professionals in the fields of drawing, illustration, graphic design, animation, and art of gaming. We teach the Disney / Pixar way of animation and storytelling.  Students in Kentucky no longer have to pay the high cost of a University degree to get the skills they need for the entertainment industry. 

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