Week 13 of the 2024 Legislative Session


Collaborating closely with our colleagues in the House of Representatives, we’ve successfully crafted and passed a comprehensive biennial budget that places vital investments in education, public safety, and economic development at the forefront of our priorities.

A notable addition by the Senate to House Bill (HB) 1 leveraged Kentucky’s $3.7 billion budget reserve trust fund to fuel infrastructure enhancements and ignite economic growth. This legislation proposes injecting over $2.7 billion from the trust fund into Kentucky’s infrastructure over three fiscal years. Notably, it authorizes the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) to allocate $250 million in 2024 and $200 million in 2025 from the trust fund to the road fund, bolstering projects aimed at fostering industrial growth, economic development, and enhancing quality of life, particularly in counties poised for significant population growth.

In our commitment to enhancing education, we have significantly boosted funding through the Support Education Excellence in Kentucky (SEEK) formula. By doing so, we are ensuring that every child in Kentucky has access to a quality education, regardless of their ZIP code. Specifically, we have increased the SEEK per-pupil base guarantee to $4,326 in FY 25 and to $4,586 in FY 26, representing a 3 percent increase from the FY 24 base amount of $4,200 and a 6 percent increase from the FY 25 amount of $4,326. 

We are also making important strides in improving public safety. Through measures like HB 5, the “Safer Kentucky Act,” and Senate Bill (SB) 2, we are taking concrete steps to better protect our communities and support our youth. 

SB 2, which I proudly sponsor, aims to fortify safety measures, promote trauma-informed care, and enhance mental health support in Kentucky schools through the introduction of the Kentucky Guardian program. This initiative empowers school districts to enhance safety by hiring individuals dedicated to ensuring the security of students and staff on school grounds. Complemented by measures to strengthen mental health support, such as incorporating psychologists and social workers into trauma-informed teams, as well as providing suicide prevention training for teachers and students, SB 2 embodies a comprehensive strategy for safeguarding our schools.

HB 5, targets repeat violent offenders, cracking down on crime at various levels and modernizing outdated criminal statutes. This comprehensive approach seeks to bolster public safety and strengthen community resilience.

Among the bills supporting our transportation infrastructure are HB 265, HB 266, and House Joint Resolution (HJR) 92. 

HB 265, the Transportation Operating Budget, allocates $7.2 billion across FY 25 and 26, including critical funds for projects like the Interstate 69 Ohio River Crossing Project. 

HB 266, the Biennial Road Plan, appropriates $4.9 billion to ensure the road plan is fully programmed. This plan includes funds for high-growth counties, economic development projects, bridge repairs, and other resurfacing and modernization efforts.

HJR 92 focuses on county and city priority projects. Sixty-five counties and 13 cities have projects included in this program for FY 2025. KYTC will be required to report on completed projects in the program and requested projects for the FY 2026 funds to the Interim Joint Committee on Appropriations and Revenue.


The General Assembly passed 160 bills last week, addressing a diverse range of issues. If you would like to learn more about the bills mentioned and others, please visit the Kentucky Legislature’s website and visit for news releases from the Senate Majority Caucus.

As we look ahead, we are mindful of the governor's role in the legislative process. The governor has a 10-day window to review bills passed by the General Assembly, during which he may sign them into law, allow them to pass without his signature, or issue vetoes. Additionally, he can veto specific line items within the budget. However, lawmakers have designated two days in April for potential veto overrides and further legislative actions.

The General Assembly is scheduled to reconvene on April 12 for the 59th day of the 60-day session. We will adjourn sine die on April 15.

You can find the status of legislation like this and others by calling 866-840-2835 or receiving legislative meeting information at 800-633-9650. You can also watch and follow legislative activity at and

Thank you for your continued interest and engagement in the 2024 Regular Session and it is a privilege to represent you in Frankfort. Please contact my office if I can assist you by emailing me at or calling my office toll-free at 1-800-372-7181.

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