Week 15 of the 2024 Legislative Session


Legislative activities culminated on April 15 outside the Kentucky State Capitol with the closure of the 60-day budget session, a significant event marked by the phrase “sine die,” or Latin for “without day,” indicating the session's conclusion without a set date for the next one. Over 210 bills progressed through the Senate during the last four months and numerous resolutions were adopted, addressing various critical issues for Kentucky's residents.


One significant action included the Senate's vote of 36-1 to appoint Dr. Robbie Fletcher as the new education commissioner for Kentucky. Dr. Fletcher, who was previously the superintendent of Lawrence County Schools and has served in roles ranging from classroom teacher to principal, was selected by the Kentucky Board of Education and examined by the Senate Education Committee last week as part of a unique and rigorous process required by Senate Bill (SB)107 enacted the previous year. He becomes the first commissioner selected through this process fitting for the vital position he will officially assume on July 1.


Additionally, the Senate moved forward with legislation dubbed the “Momnibus” bill, a comprehensive measure aimed at enhancing maternal health. Originally part of House Bill (HB) 10, this bill was incorporated into SB 74 on the last session day. It introduces a special enrollment period for pregnant women who previously weren't recognized for insurance under qualifying life events, a crucial provision among others. These include establishing the “Kentucky Lifeline for Moms” and expanding access to psychiatric services and breastfeeding support. The bill passed the Senate with a vote of 29-5 and is now on the Governor’s desk for his signature approval.


The legislative session saw the Governor veto 19 bills and one concurrent resolution, with the General Assembly overriding most of these vetoes subsequently. Notable bills include SB 1, creating an endowed research fund similar to North Carolina's Research Triangle, and SB 2, which enhances school safety by potentially employing veterans and former police officers as school guardians.


Other legislative highlights include:

  • SB 11 improves the notification process for schools when a student is charged with serious offenses.
  • SB 16 limits drone operations over food production sites.
  • SB 20 targets youth gun violence by escalating serious cases to circuit court.
  • SB 45 established the Kentucky Ashanti Alert System to help locate missing adults.
  • SB 70, known as the Donor Intent Act, enhances transparency in charitable contributions.
  • SB 127 supports the aerospace industry through scholarships and a new advisory committee.
  • SB 140 offers amnesty for mistakenly awarded unemployment benefits during the pandemic.
  • SB 265 addresses teacher shortages via the Option 7 certification process.


House Bills also saw significant developments, including HB 6, which details the biennial executive branch budget with substantial allocations for education and safety, and HB 3, which establishes a comprehensive approach to combat human trafficking. HB 829 updates Kentucky's medicinal cannabis program to allow earlier licensing opportunities from July onwards while maintaining local control over its implementation. The Senate approved this bill 26-12.


As these legislative measures move forward, they reflect Kentucky's multifaceted approach to addressing statewide issues ranging from education and health care to infrastructure and public safety, poised to impact various aspects of life in Kentucky. The legislative interim begins in June, setting the stage for further policy development and refinement.


If you would like to learn more about any legislation passed this session, visit and for news releases from the Senate Majority Caucus.


It remains my great privilege to represent you in Frankfort. Please contact my office if I can assist you by emailing me at or calling my office toll-free at 1-800-372-7181.




Senator Max Wise, R-Campbellsville, represents the 16th Senate District, including Adair, Allen, Metcalfe, Monroe, and Taylor Counties and eastern Warren County. He is Senate Economic Development, Tourism and Labor Committee chair. Wise also serves as a Senate Education Committee member and is a member of the newly formed Families and Children Committee and Health Services Committee. Additionally, he is an Education Assessment and Accountability Review Subcommittee member.


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