Treasurer Metcalf Returns Over $13 Million to Kentucky Taxpayers


FRANKFORT, Ky (July 9, 2024) – Kentucky State Treasurer Mark H. Metcalf proudly announces that in the first six months of his administration, his office has returned a total of $13,415,270.66 to Kentucky taxpayers and families.

"Through the superior work of our staff, the Treasury has returned to Kentuckians over $13 million,” said Treasurer Metcalf. “This significant achievement underscores our commitment to serving the people of the Commonwealth and ensuring that all unclaimed property and funds are returned to their rightful owners.”

Through the Treasurer’s Division of Unclaimed Property, a record $12,488,310.05 has been awarded to Kentuckians since Metcalf took office on January 1, 2024. Unclaimed property refers to financial assets or belongings that have been left inactive or unclaimed by the owner for a certain period (usually three years), after which, such assets are relinquished to the Treasury to safeguard. Examples of unclaimed property include bank accounts, insurance policies, utility deposits, stocks, bonds, and the contents of safe deposit boxes. The Treasury maintains an online, searchable database at where individuals can check to see if they have unclaimed property owed to them.

Additionally, the Treasury’s Division of Accounting and Disbursements has begun reviewing escheated checks—checks that have expired without being claimed—issued by the Commonwealth to Kentucky taxpayers, including income tax refunds to residents and businesses of all sizes. Treasurer Metcalf has directed his office to evaluate these checks, investigate why they have gone uncashed, and reissue payments to those who have not received their funds. Through this process, the Treasury has returned an additional $926,960.61 to taxpayers.

Under Treasurer Metcalf’s guidance, the Treasury is upholding its mission to support and serve the people of the Commonwealth, reinforcing trust and accountability in state government.

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