Writer voices concern after following fiscal court proceedings


In the past two years living in Adair County, I have tried to meet as many people as possible and learn about the area. I subscribed to the Adair Progress and the Community Voice for their news and perspectives on the area. I also read several of the “Judge’s Corner” articles in the Adair Progress, and saved some that I felt were particularly interesting. I also watched some of the Fiscal Court meetings from home since I was unable to attend in person.
Recently I became homebound due to a medical situation and became bored as you might expect. I decided to review some of the news articles I had saved, primarily to pass the time away. Unfortunately, when I cut out the articles the dates were not on them so I could not review them in any specific order.
Due to my 30 plus years in the insurance profession of investigation, settlement negotiations, and personal meetings with various individuals and attorneys, I developed an attention to detail and what was being stated and documentation presented.
I have noticed the judge appears to become upset and argumentative when his ideas, and or suggestions, are questioned or challenged. Also noticed he tends to become personal, when questioned, and moves away from a professional business meeting agenda. Some of the items, and comments, I have read are listed below, but remember that some are from memory and have been made as real as I remember.
In one meeting, concerning the addition of an employee, he pointed toward the magistrates and stated to each, “You want me to fire her.” In another he stated he believed it would be best for no more than two magistrates and him to have a private discussion (outside of the publicized Fiscal Court meeting) about agenda items that may get “heated” so that we can iron out the rough spots and not hash it out in the public eye. Is this not keeping the county residents uninformed of the court decisions?
I realized after reading my documents that I could write a very lengthy article about the court’s meetings, and the judge’s statements, so I decided to condense this article with a few statements.
It appears to me that the judge, if he had his way, would not allow any public attendance or opinions at the Fiscal Court meetings. He believes the magistrates are plotting against him and give him no respect. I find that interesting since he has stated, in a recent article, “I encourage you to begin considering who you would like to present your views on the Fiscal Court during the next term. It is not too early.” Is he including himself or just the magistrates?
There are no positions, from the president of the United States all the way down to a supervisor in a fast-food restaurant where respect should be demanded and not earned. How does he believe he has earned the respect of the magistrates when he attacks them personally and wants them all removed from their position?
If you want to know what is going on in your community, and the Fiscal Court, I suggest you attend a meeting, watch them on (Community Voice Facebook page) and subscribe to the Community Voice.
s/Dee Jones

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