ACHS Basketball State Championship Elte Eight

65-80 loss against the big Favorite in the Elite Eight


It was a loss, but just one team of the last eight would end the season with a win. It also was a fight. It was the David vs. Goliath story with Goliath winning. But not as easily as expected. At the end the big favorite from Lyon County got an 80-65 win over our Adair boys in the state’s quarter final in Rupp Arena in Lexington.

In the beginning the game was pretty even, trading baskets, and at the end of the first quarter the Lyons had a small 12-10 lead. Also in the second quarter the Indians tried to keep the pace and went into halftime trailing 20-30.

The beginning of the third quarter was a firework of the Lyons. Nearly every shot hit, the Adair boys missed and had turnovers. After 2 minutes into the quarter it was already 41-20 for the Lyon team and at the end of the third quarter the Indians trailed 32-56. Memories of the 48-98 loss in February came up.

With three minutes to go the Lyons lead 75-54, bot teams had their five fouls in a very tough physical game on the scoreboard, but the Indians didn’t give up. Even when they trailed 56-79 with 1.5 minutes to go they kept their fighting spirit, and so the youngsters could close up to 65-80. Again, head coach Deron Breeze gave every player of the team the chance to have played at Rupp Arena one time in his life.

“This team wasn’t there by accident,” head coach Deron Breeze said after the game, “Coach Perry brought kids from all over the country since 3rd and 4th grade. They have been in events all over the country. That is something that people across the state need to know.”

Deron Breeze is trying to establish a similar program in Adair County: “It’s kind of similar here. When I moved to Adair County these guys were in 4th and 5th grade. The same thing, and the good thing is that I have many sophomore and juniors on the team. I did lose one guy, Camden Burton, that played in our 8 man rotation.” Breeze is looking forward to the next season: “We will return with the rest of our guys, so our goal is to be right back up here next year.”

In the semi final Lyon County defeated the high favorite for the state title, the team from Great Crossing, that had only one defeat over the whole season, with 58-49. And eventually the Lyons won the state championship against Harlan County with 67-58. Showing, how strong the Adair boys played two days before.

Some stats: Field goals 40.7% (59 attempted/24 made), three-pointers 31% (29/9), free throws 72.7% (11/8) and 29 rebounds in total. Rebounder: Brayton Coomer (7), Connor Loy (6), Isaiah Cochran ((5), Dawson Gilbert and Lane Grant (3 each), Jakeb Lacy and Carter White (2 each), Matthew Brady (1). Scorer: Loy and Gilbert (14 each), Grant (11), White (10), Coomer (7), Cochran (6), and Brady (3).

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