Adair County defeats Bethlehem in Cooperage Bowl


The stands were filled Saturday afternoon as the Indians earned a coveted victory against Bethlehem, winning 49-21.

As the players took the field it was quite obvious that they were ready to play, as the game had been delayed for hours due to weather.

The Indians came out firing early, scoring on the first possession of the game. On the next possession, Adair County jumped out ahead quickly yet again, boosting the score to 15-6. From there the Indians continued to score and never looked back, as that is the closest the score would be for the remainder of the game.

This blowout was unexpected to say the least, as Bethlehem is seen as a competitor for a possible all A state title this year, but the Indians showed them that they are a new team compared to former years.

The big story of this game is without a doubt junior quarterback Lane Grant. Up until this season, Grant was a great bell cow running back who headed the Indians’ backfield. He dominated throughout last season as a running back, so it was to many fans’ surprise when new coach Steve Stonebreaker decided to move him to quarterback.

Going into the season there were question marks about how Grant would do at quarterback due to his lack of experience at the position. It’s safe to say through the first two games Grant seems to be right at home as the signal caller.

Although he did have a stellar game in the defeat against rival Russell County to open the season, the Lakers’ lack of defense could have contributed to his success. The success story against Bethlehem was all Grant, who boasted a 50 percent completion rate while achieving 145 yards and two touchdowns through the air. Both touchdowns were thrown to junior wide receiver Aiden Smith.

This was seen as a breakout game for Smith as he lacked the receptions he hoped for the first game. He ended the game Saturday with his pair of touchdowns, 84 yards, and an interception on the defensive side of the ball.

Grant was also able to carry the ball 18 times for a gain of 222 yards and five touchdowns.

When asked about how it felt to consistently be able to make it into the end zone, Grant said, “I’m really blessed to have this excellent team around me that allows me to be in the situation to score. My receivers came down with some tough balls tonight, and most importantly the offensive line was just dominant. It makes it a lot easier to score with a group of guys like that in front of you.”

Junior wide receiver/ defensive back Soloman Stonbreaker also had a great game. He is known for his quick feet and his ability to catch the ball on offense, but he made it known that he can play on both sides of the ball. He stacked up two interceptions and played intense locked down defense for the entirety of the game. He then went back to the other side of the ball and caught five passes for 52 yards. This kid really is fun to watch, and he is a huge addition to the team this season.

Next up for the Indians is Larue County this Friday. Larue has a record of 0-2 but has played two extremely talented teams to start the year. This will be a great test to see if Adair County has what it takes to keep it rolling. The game will be played at Larue County and will begin at 7 p.m. (CDT.)

By Trenton Page

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