Adair County Schools Well-Represented at 2018 STLP State Championship


From Carla Perkins, Adair County School District Technology Coordinator---

Adair County Schools Well-Represented at 2018 STLP State Championship

On Thursday, March 29, 2018, teams of Adair County students and their sponsors from all schools boarded a school bus at 5:45 am to travel to Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky to compete in the STLP State competition. For the second year in a row, all schools participated in regional competition and all schools qualified for state competition.

At regional and state competition, schools in Kentucky are invited to send teams of students to present their projects in hopes of advancing from regional to state and ultimately national competition. At competition, teams are limited to four student presenters. However, all students that participate in STLP work on various products and activities related to the project throughout the school year. A number of other competitions and activities occur at STLP State that students may participate in addition to the project-based competition and the event seems to grow every year.

To qualify for STLP State, projects must receive a minimum score of 85 at regional competition. It is an honor to qualify for state competition, as many of the schools that participate in regional competition are not invited. At state competition, projects must score a minimum of 90 points during the first round of judging to advance to Level 2 and 3. Projects are scored on 12 criteria, including collaboration, communication, copyright & ethical use, creativity & innovation, critical thinking/problem solving, development, planner & logo, presenter experience, project impact, student engagement, student interview, and technology implementation. Over 500 projects from various schools across Kentucky were presented at the 2018 STLP state competition.

Adair County Primary Center’s “Bus Safety for Everyone”

Adair County Primary Center’s second grade STLP students chose “Bus Safety for Everyone” as their project. Centered around this theme, the students designed and created a bus safety video with curriculum that also includes a board game, worksheet, coloring page, cheer, a test, and an edible treat that looks like a school bus. The second grade STLP students taught a bus safety lesson to their peers. The students were involved in all aspects of the project beginning with research about school bus safety. The students wrote the script, starred in the video, shot and reshot camera footage until it was just right and edited the footage. They designed a board game and all supporting curriculum activities.

When Level 1 judging finished, ACPC students were excited to learn that their project had advanced to Level 2 judging and then to Level 3. During Level 2 and 3 judging, several judges visit each project booth and continue to judge all remaining projects until a winner is selected. During the award ceremony, state winners were announced and Adair County Primary Center won “Best in State Grades K-5and will represent Kentucky at the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Conference in Chicago, Illinois in June 2018 where technology leaders from across the United States and other countries will be in attendance.

Judges scores arrived last week. “Bus Safety for Everyone” received a near-perfect score of 99 (out of a possible 100) with the judges commenting “Outstanding project that could have a nationwide impact”.

Laura Marcum, ACPC STLP Coordinator said, “When I am at this (STLP State) competition and I look around, I see that almost every group is a lot older than ours. It makes me very proud to know that this team is made up of second graders. Our school motto is ‘Adair County Primary Center Where Little Kids Do Big Things’. I am proud to help represent a school like that.”

ACPC STLP students that presented at STLP State Championship are Addy McMinnoway, Carter Curry, Ashley Loy, and Claire Loy. Sallie Ballou and Trenton Stayton were also in attendance.

ACPC STLP students that worked to prepare the project for state competition are Ashley Loy, Jovie Ray, Josie Blair, Chase St. Andrew, Summer Rowe, Brayden Bottoms, John Hunter Stotts, Sallie Ballou, Trenton Stayton, Maddy Judd, Keylin Bergin, Addie McMinnoway, Carter Curry, and Claire Loy.

Photo Caption The award-winning Adair County Primary Center’s STLP students on stage with KDE’s Office of Education Technology leadership after happily accepting the “Best in State K-5” STLP State Championship. Pictured from left to right are David Couch, Associate Commissioner, Trenton Stayton, Carter Curry (Presenter), Claire Loy (Presenter), Ashley Loy (Presenter), Addy McMinnoway (Presenter), Sallie Ballou, and Jeff Sebulsky, STLP Program Manager. (Photo Credit: Carla Perkins)

Adair County Elementary School’s “Doggie Dash

The Adair County Elementary School’s “Doggie Dash” project consisted of a fun run/walk charity event to benefit the Green River Animal Shelter located in our community. Held in October 2017, the event raised over $400.00 with 100% of the proceeds donated to the animal shelter. The registration fee was $10 per entry. However, participants could donate more and/or supplies for the shelter, including dog and cat food, blankets, and cleaning supplies. T-shirts were sold. The students were involved in all aspects of the project.

Since then, ACES STLP students sponsored a supply drive to benefit the Green River Animal Shelter. The students collected and counted the items from each homeroom. In total, 230 items were collected that helped the animal shelter’s fur babies to live comfortably until their “furever” home is found.

Robin Hancock, ACES STLP Coordinator said, “Our ACES students enjoyed the opportunity to travel to Rupp Arena and compete with the best technology projects in the state. Our students can stand proud with a job well done for their community and in competition at the State STLP competition.”

ACES STLP students that presented at STLP State Championship are Mason Horton, Addie Baker, Samantha Oliver, and Remington Huckaby.

ACES STLP students that worked to prepare the project are Addie Baker, Samantha Oliver, Sofia Coleman, Natalie Sneed, Brent Moore, Lilly Myers, Jasper Kemp, Lucas Thompson, Autumn Price, Brody Karnes, Dillon Godsey, Remington Huckaby, Colton Clark, Mason Horton, Jack Fishback, Lydia St. Andrew, Hagen McQueary, Alayna Marcum, and Slayton Conley.

Photo Caption The ACES STLP team are ready to present their project, visit other booths, and participate in the many fun learning activities provided for students at Heritage Hall and Rupp Arena. Pictured from left to right on the first row are Addie Baker (Presenter), Samantha Oliver (Presenter), Lucas Thompson; second row Colton Clark, Lilly Myers, Remington Huckaby (Presenter), Jasper Kemp, Dillon Godsey; and third row Mason Horton (Presenter) and Jack Fishback. (Photo Credit: Robin Hancock)

Adair County Middle School’s “Indian Tech Help”

Indian Tech Help”, a student-created website dedicated to helping others with technology, was the project chosen by the middle school STLP organization. Found at this link,, the website provides help for students and teachers across the school, district, and beyond in the form of video tutorials. It includes student-created videos and others found that would be relevant. After choosing the project, the students conducted research to determine relevant topics then demonstrated their expertise with using the technology tools needed to create the website and videos. This website continues to be in a state of development as technology continues to evolve.

Adam Cox, ACMS STLP Coordinator said, “I am extremely proud of the time and effort the students put into developing their website. Their passion was evident through their hard work. While students left Rupp Arena on Thursday evening disappointed, I am excited about the future of our STLP group. Way to go guys!”

ACMS STLP students that presented at STLP State Championship are Malakai Horton, Alexis Conover, Kailey Roberts, and Connor Lynn.

ACMS STLP students that worked to prepare the project are Malakai Horton, Alexis Conover, Kailey Roberts, Connor Lynn, Chad Wiley, Hannah Arnold, and Emily Murphy.

Photo Caption ACMS STLP student presenters are ready for the judges. Pictured from left to right are Malakai Horton, Alexis Conover, Kailey Roberts, and Connor Lynn.   Also in attendance, but not pictured is Chad Wiley. (Photo Credit: Adam Cox)

Adair County High School’s “Safe Halloween

The Adair County High School’s STLP regional project began as “Safe Halloween”. It originally focused on the youth of Adair County and providing them with a checklist to help ensure the safest night out possible. The students taught lessons to elementary school students on Halloween safety. From there, the students decided to expand the project to a full-on safety initiative. The safety initiative included Public Service Announcements (PSAs) and helpful safety videos on topics such as Lockdown, Science Lab Safety, CPR, Weight Room Safety, ACHS Rules & Expectations, and Camera Safety to name a few. The students demonstrated their proficiency with utilizing technology tools to complete various jobs, including scriptwriting, filming, video editing, organizing, and researching.

Katie Curry, ACHS STLP Coordinator said: “The students did a great job representing the district and look forward to getting started on projects for next year.”

ACHS STLP students that presented at STLP State Championship are Alex Godsey, Morgan Harvey, Riley Robertson, and Emily Wall.

ACHS STLP students that worked to prepare the project are Makayla Burton, Tristan Coomer, Easton Downs, Alex Godsey, Morgan Harvey, Riley Robertson, Stephanie Roszak, and Emily Wall.

Photo Caption Pictured in front of their booth, ACHS STLP students in attendance were from left to right are first row Stephanie Roszak and Morgan Harvey (Presenter); and second row Tristan Coomer, Riley Robertson (Presenter), Alex Godsey (Presenter), Emily Wall (Presenter), Makayla Burton, and Easton Downs. (Photo Credit: Katie Curry)

“It is quite an honor for our schools to be invited to state competition and amazing that our second graders are best in state. I am so proud of all of our STLP students, the presenters and those that participate in STLP activities throughout the year to make sure their project is the best that it can be. This would not have occurred without the guidance and support of our outstanding school STLP Coordinators, Laura Marcum, Robin Hancock, Adam Cox, and Katie Curry” said Carla Perkins, District Technology Coordinator.

All students in Adair County are welcome to participate in STLP activities at their school. For more information about STLP, please contact the STLP Coordinator at school or Carla Perkins at the technology office or visit the official website at

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