Adair County Academic Teams Dominate District Championships


Not just in the court, in the pool or on the field are the Indians demonstrating excellence. Also in the academic sector the students of Adair County schools are performing on top levels. At the district championships last weekend the high school team, coached by Kate Proctor, got a first place overall in the district.

They were first in quick recall (Trey Stephens, Bailey Watts, Andrew Zinati and Alex Perkins), FPS (Joseph Kotter, Hannah Kotter, Abby Kemp and Summer Graziano), and written composition, making them district champions of all the major academic team events. They also had several students place in their individual assessment areas in math, science, social studies (Trey Stephens, 1st place), language arts (Bailey Watts 1st place), composition (Hannah Kotter, 1st place) and arts and humanities.

Also the middle school team, coached Dalton Robertson, got a second place overall, the quick recall team placed second, and the FPS team with Sarah Goforth, Daria Cheng, Suzy Kotter and Aydin Barnett became district champions for FPS. Also several middle school students placed in their individual assessment areas in the areas mentioned above.

“Both the middle and high school teams have worked very hard for these results and are looking forward to region competition in February,” Dalton Robertson says, “across all fields the team practices almost daily, and the players commit a lot of their own free time to academic team. Both of their coaches are extremely proud and pleased to share these results.”

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