Adair drops playoff game at Union County 28-6


The game in which Indian fans had been waiting for had finally arrived.
On Friday the Indians traveled to take on Union County in their first round playoff matchup. Going into the game Adair knew it would be a tough job. Union had only lost one game all year and they are one of the largest teams in the state.

Lucky for the Indians they started out well, keeping the game close throughout the beginning.

Grant scored early using his legs and put the Indians in a good position throughout much of the first half.

Unfortunately the team seemed to lack the energy that they had after going out of halftime, and they were never able to pick it back up the rest of the game.
While the final score of the game would be 28-6, that does not tell the whole story.
This was a game where every point was fought for and earned, and the Indians are proud of that.

When asked about the season Junior Reciever Solomon Stonebraker said “We were able to put together a great team of guys who really work hard for what they want.

Unfortunately we just weren’t able to get it done this time, but Adair County football is here to stay for years to come.”

Stars of the game consisted of Junior Quarterback Lane Grant who had 94 passing yards, and 155 rushing, while netting the teams only touchdown of the game and Linebacker Timothy Streeval. Timothy totaled up 11 tackles on the night and recked havoc on defense. These two guys have been spotlights of the team for the whole year on both sides of the ball, and Indian fans should be happy to see them coming back next year.

This playoff loss will wrap up the Indians 2023 season with them going 7-4 and having one of the best teams that Adair has had in years While it is disappointing that the season has come to an end, Indian fans have much to look for in years to come.

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