Adair Fire Dept. Won't Ask For Mandatory Dues


The Adair County Fire Department released the following letter Wednesday night:

May 6, 2015

To All Columbia-Adair County Volunteer Fire Department District Members:

The Columbia-Adair County Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. was founded in 1954; over the past 60 years of service to the county this department has had its own financial struggles.  We have worked hard to conserve money and operate as efficiently as able without compromising the level of service we feel we provide to our fire district.   We are proud to say that we have never received any tax money from the Adair County Fiscal Court.  We receive revenue from you, our members that support us with your annual fire due payment that is voluntary in lieu of a fee should you need our service.  We also receive KY State Aid funding which is an annual amount of 8,250, and we receive rent from the City of Columbia in the amount 1,250 monthly for the use of 42% of our building for storage of their vehicles.  All of this revenue is how we survive and are able to save and purchase equipment when needed.

Columbia-Adair County Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. has always depended on the voluntary membership dues that are paid by the members of our fire protection district coverage area.  Should the Adair County Fiscal Court decide to pass the ordinance that has been presented to them, we would like to let our members know that we will opt out of this.  We feel our members are burdened enough with the taxes that have recently been levied against them.  We do not want to stand in the way of the other smaller departments in the county and their needs, but feel that this is not a fit for our department and will always depend on our loyal members for their support of our department.  For Example our first out Engine/Pumper is a 1991 model and has served us very well since it was placed into service.  We have saved money since its purchase in 1991 to replace this truck.  A current model that meets the need to replace this fire truck is around 335,000.  We currently are in the planning stages to replace this vehicle.  We feel that our department has always met the needs of our coverage area and continue to proudly serve the residents of Adair County Kentucky.

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