Adair County Schools Academic Competitions

Adair’s academic teams are impressively improving


The meeting room of the school board was full last Thursday afternoon, when the members of the academic teams of elementary, middle and high school were recognized by Mayor Pamela Hoots and Superintendent Jason Faulkner in the yearly ceremony.

“These coaches think firstly and every day about what these kids get in their practice, in their classrooms, and what they do out of school too,” teacher and team coach Lisa Newell-Hare said at the introduction of the ceremony, “we see how hard these kids work – and often times they are not recognized.” But last week they were, and their achievements were honored.

For the elementary school the FPS team coached by Jeana Pike got first place honors in the district competition. Memebers of the team were Emily Burkhardt, Clara Kotter, Jaxton Stephens, Ava Froedge, Catelynn Fugate, Cash Hare, Matthew Moss, Warren Willis and Owen Collins. The quick recall team, coached by Lisa Newell-Hare got first place honors and went undefeated in the district. Members were Lillian Ballard, Dallas Hatcher, Matthew Moss, Emily Burkhardt, Raegan Hillock, Jaxton Stephens, Gabe Erickson, Karlie Irvin, Kinsley Thomas, Addison Giles, Rory Kleckler, Raelee Turner, Cohen Grider, Clara Kotter, Cash Hare, and Sophia Warren.

In written composition and assessment, coached by Lisa Newell-Hare, first places went to Hatcher for arts & humanities and to Moss for math. At the end it as a team win in the district.

Some elementary students moved on to the regional championships, where the FPS team with Burkhardt, Kotter, Froedge, and Moss ended on place three. The first place went to the undefeated quick recall team with Ballard, Hatcher, Moss, Burckhardt, Hillock, Stephens, Erickson, Irvin, Thomas, Giles, Kleckler, Turner, Grider, Kotter, Hare, and Warren. In science Hare got the first place, and overall the Adair County Elementary School’s academic team was runner up in region 9 of the governors cup.

Also the middle school showed impressive results. Team members were the 6th graders Layton Meece, Kylie Thorpe, Luke Coffey, Ellie Staten, RyAnna Hale, Mia Stephens, Cole Stockton, Ricardo Cantoran-Antle, the 7th graders Elaine Cook, Riley Andrew, Suzy Kotter, Pierce Stotts, Christopher Armenti, Lincoln Briscoe and Logan Faulkner, and the 8th graders Daria Cheng, Sarah Goforth, Aydin Barnett, Skylar Harrold and Summer Rowe.

At the sixth grade showcase the Adair students made the third places overall and in quick recall, first places went to Cantoran-Antle in math, to Staten in social studies. In the district competition the middle school got the second places overall and in quick recall, the first place in FPS. Single first places went to Armenti in science and in social studies. On the regional level the Indians got the third place overall, the fifth in quick recall and the second in FPS. First places were won by Armenti in Science and in social studies.

Finally the high school team showed their abilities too. Member were 9th graders Eleanor Briscoe, Natalea Kaylor, Hannah Kotter, Madison Turner, Summer Graziano, Sophie Eaton, Skzler Huff, Ian Makranszky, DJ Vetrees and Ezra Flatt, the 10th graders Abigail Kemp and Keeley Kerns, the 11th graders Bailey Watts, Annabelle Robertson, Emma Compton, Benjamin Kingrey, Joe Kotter, Alex Perkins and Andrew Zinati, and the 12th grader Trey Stephens.

Beside many other competitions the team took place one overall, place one in quick recall, and place one in FPS at the district level. Watts won language arts and social studies, Stephens social studies, and Hannah Kotter composition. In the region the team ended up as 4th overall, 2nd in FPS, and Hannah Kotter won the composition. On state level Bailey Watts won the category general knowledge.

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