Board to Begin Interviews for Interim Superintendent


Thursday, the Adair County Board of Education held a special called meeting to discuss the process for appointing an interim superintendent. The board approved a motion to begin the search and interview process for an interim superintendent to be hired after Mr. Reed's retirement becomes official on Dec. 31. Due to KRS statutes there cannot be two active superintendents at the same time, so the Board is unable to officially hire an interim while the current superintendent is still on salary/payroll. The board will begin the interview process in the next two weeks and they are hopeful to have viable candidates, and potentially an unofficial hiring decision, by the next regularly scheduled board meeting on Dec. 15th.

In other news at the meeting, Phil Eason of the Kentucky Association of School Administrators (KASA) , came and gave a presentation to the board explaining how a potential partnership between KASA and the Adair County School Board could be beneficial throughout the process of searching and screening for who will become the next Adair County School District superintendent.

"I've helped 22 boards go throughout the process of searching and screening for a new superintendent," said Eason. "All 22 of those superintendents have been re-hired and that is the value that we can bring to this board; KASA and myself will work hard to make sure we find the right fit for your school district."

Eason explained in detail how he would use his resources from over 30 years of experience in education to help our board make the right decision when it comes down to hiring the next Adair County superintendent.

If the board decides to partner with Eason and KASA, an organizational meeting will be held prior to making any partnership agreements so that both sides can come to agreements on payment for service and other factors that relate to the entire superintendent replacement process.

All board members were present, however, Mr. Reed was not in attendance for the meeting.

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