Court considers minor courthouse repairs


The fiscal court is considering needed repairs to the exterior of the historic courthouse after crown molding has loosened and could fall onto the roadway.

Magistrates considered bids from two different companies Tuesday before tabling the project until the next meeting. The repairs would be completed on a portion of the building that may someday be torn down in an effort to restore the building to its original structure.

Bids ranged from a minor fix at $1,650 from Calvin and Emmitt Pendleton to a more extensive repair by Dixie Restoration for $6,250. The Pendletons also offered a second proposal that would cost $4,400.

Magistrate Greg Caldwell questioned whether the county should spend a lot of money on the courthouse wings if there is still a plan to tear that portion of the building down. County Judge Executive Gale Cowan said she has had several people in the community say they support tearing down the wings. Cowan said she has not been able to find any information about working with the National Guard on the project, which was proposed by the previous administration.

The fiscal court is now meeting twice a month, with the second meeting intended for paying bills and addressing last minute issues. On Tuesday, the court heard from Mike Keltner, Emergency Management Director, about property and equipment that was used by the now defunct Search and Rescue.

The fiscal court owns the property and Keltner asked the court to provide different items to various emergency agencies. The court approved naming the former SAR building, located near Campbellsville Road, as a back-up Emergency Operations Center, which will be used to house equipment for Emergency Management as well as the sheriff’s office. Extrication equipment will go to the Adair and Knifley fire departments and a truck will be used by the Breeding fire department.

The fiscal court received tax rates from the extension and the school taxing districts.

The Extension board accepted the compensating rate. The rate for real property is 6.043 per $100 of assessed value, 10.131 cents for personal property and 2.9 cents for motor vehicle.

The school district’s tax rates are the same, which are also the compensating rate. The rate for real property and tangible is 54.2 cents, and motor vehicle is 56.3 cents.

Also during Tuesday’s meeting, the court hired Ryan Pointer part time for 911 dispatch at $9.60 an hour.

Magistrate Chris Reeder requested and received first reading for a name change for J.D. McKinney Road, which will be changed to Page Lane.

In addition to Judge Cowan, magistrates in attendance were Reeder, Caldwell, Sammy Baker, Billy Coffey and Terry Hadley. Daryl Flatt and Harold Burton were absent.

By Sharon Burton

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