Dairy Queen still coming to Columbia


In a release today from the City of Columbia, the city would like to dispel rumors in the community that Dairy Queen is no longer coming to Columbia. The city states that Dairy Queen is still coming to the community and are hoping to break ground within the next 45 days.

The following statement is from Justin Kraus, Chief Investment Officer, who has been working with the city on the new Dairy Queen location. The statement was received late yesterday.

Mayor Hoots,

We are extremely looking forward to bringing a new Dairy Queen restaurant to Columbia, KY as we were really drawn to the community. We have been continually impressed with the support and responsiveness of city leaders and partners. Upon completing the first ever, new building design plans and permit approvals, our plan is to be open for business this year.


Thank you,


Justin J. Kraus

Chief Investment Officer


Mayor Hoots added, “We are extremely excited about Dairy Queen coming to Columbia. They have been a pleasure to work with over the last year.”

For further information, please contact City Hall at 270-384-2501.

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