Energy saving tips for extremely high temps

LG&E and KU share ways to save energy during a heat wave


LOUISVILLE — Louisville Gas and Electric Company and Kentucky Utilities Company are offering tips and resources to help you stay cool and save energy during extremely high temperatures. While record energy demands are not anticipated, as always, LG&E and KU employees are working hard to produce and deliver safe, reliable energy to the communities they serve.

Following these tips and making a few changes around your home can help better manage energy use during these scorching summer days:

  1. Manage your thermostat: Consider the schedules of those in the household and adjust programmable thermostats as needed. Setting the thermostat to the highest comfortable setting during the day will help manage cooling expenses. Raising your thermostat setting by one degree can save as much as 4-7% on the cooling portion of your energy bill.
  2. Mind the gaps: Closing any leaks or gaps around doors, windows and ductwork will help your cooling system operate more efficiently.
  3. Feel the breeze: Using a fan along with your air conditioner helps spread the cooled air throughout the home more effectively without having to adjust the thermostat.
  4. Block the sun: Closing curtains, drapes and blinds on sun-facing windows helps block rays that naturally increase indoor temperatures.
  5. Do a checkup: Have a certified professional service your AC each year to make sure it’s ready to perform in extended high temperatures. Set a reminder to change your filter each month, or according to the manufacturer’s instructions, to keep your system operating at its best.

More ways to beat the heat

Visit for even more ways to save this summer, including simple how-to videos featuring our employees.

LG&E and KU also offer information on community agencies that offer heating and cooling assistance resources for those who qualify.

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