ACMS Volleyball

Goodbye to seven players between two wins and one loss


It were the last home games of the middle school’s volleyball season, and so beside the matches of the sixth, seventh and eighth graders it was also time for Eights Grader Night to say goodbye to seven players.

Sallie Ballou, Keylin Bergin, Josie Blair, Addison Bowman, Madi Burns, Braylee Corbin and Emily Smith were the kids that will be severely missed on the middle school’s volleyball team–but definitely be welcomed by Michelle Neat’s high school volleyball Lady Indians.

Beside the ceremony there was of course a lot of volleyball action when the teams hosted Taylor County. In the first game the sixth graders defeated their opponents without big problems with 21-13 and 21-18 in two sets. By this they ended their season undefeated.

In the second match of the seventh graders it looked good in the first set that was won 21-13 by the Lady Indians. But the Cardinals from Taylor County came back and won the second set with 21-18. So the third set had to decide, and after a thriller between two teams on one level the Cardinals clinched the win with a 24-22.

But, after the ceremony the eights graders demonstrated their skills and got the second win of the evening for Adair County. Next Saturday they are competing in the CKMSAC tournament and will try to follow the sixth and seventh graders in winning the title.

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