Hooked on Science Program Visits ACPC


Adair County Primary Center students were treated to a hands-on demonstration of Halloween-themed science concepts and principles Thursday when Jason Lindsey brought his renowned Hooked on Science show to the school.

The program—sponsored by the Family Resource Center—featured a wide range of topics and fun experiments, including science safety. More creatively titled segments included The Self-carving Pumpkin, thanks to a small amount of calcium carbide and a grill lighter; Ghost Bubbles—made with dish detergent, warm water, and dry ice; Spooky Clouds, again using dry ice as the main ingredient; Tea Bag Ghosts, which requires only a tea bag, scissors, and a lighter; and Bloody Hand Prints, made with color-changing paper, water, and baking soda. The main focus was structure and properties of matter in relation to physical and chemical reactions.

Despite the audience consisting of the district’s youngest scholars, the students remained enthralled for the duration of the show, and showed great enthusiasm and interest in Lindsey’s work. Several volunteers were pulled from the crowd throughout the day to help with various experiments.

“The participation was great and we really appreciate Mr. Lindsey coming to our school for this program,” Family Resource Center Coordinator Paula Garrison says. “The main goal is to instill an interest of science in these students, and I think we did that.”

By Wes Feese

Media Relations, Adair County Schools

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