Party moves outside after truss fails during Boyle prom



By Kendra Peek

The Advocate-Messenger


Boyle County High School students truly had a prom they won’t forget Saturday night.

“Prom 2016 almost brought down the house,” said Principal Mark Wade.

It was about 10 p.m. and students were dancing the night away at the Danville Country Club when they began jumping in unison to one of the songs.

“That is when we heard a couple of pops and then the floor sagged,” he said.

Students were immediately moved away from the area and the Danville fire marshall was called in.

“According to the fire marshall, the nailing plates in the floor trusses failed, causing the floor to drop,” Wade said.

It was a “seven truss span,” or an area of about 10 by 20 feet that he said “caused concern.”

One water pipe burst as a result. There were no injuries reported.

When the fire marshall arrived, he called for a building evacuation. Students took the whole thing in stride, Wade said, even though their prom had to be cut short.

“The students were awesome; we even had the prom king and queen ceremony outside in front of the building,” Wade said.

Wade said Capt. Dustin Clem, Deputy Brian Flachbart and Deputy and School Resource Officer Chris Stratton with the Boyle County Sheriff’s Office were there to assist when it all happened.

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