Ramage carries on family tradition


Levi Ramage is carrying on a family tradition that began as early as World War II – serving his country.

Ramage joined the Navy in October 2011, just a few months shy of his 18th birthday. He joined the Navy specifically because of his father, Marlin Ramage.

“My father, and his father, and my grandmother’s father served in the Navy,” Ramage said.

His father spent four years in the Navy. His grandfather Osco Coomer fought in World War II on D-Day during the Normandy Invasion. His uncle Randall Coomer, another grandfather Harold Ramage, and great-grandfather, Virgil Leroy Ballou, were also in the Navy.

“It gives me an immense amount of pride to carry on the Naval family tradition,” Ramage said.

Other family members who served in the military include his older brother Chris Loy, who spent 11 years in the Army; his uncle Dwight Coomer, who spent around eight years in the Air force; his uncle Michael Coomer, who spent eight years in the Army; and his great uncles, Bruce and Russell Crawhorn, who both served in the Army.

“My family is very proud of me for joining, and my father in particular for following in his footsteps,” Ramage said.

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By Allison Cross


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