Sex offender arrested after being spotted around parks


An Adair County man was arrested last Friday on multiple felony counts after the Columbia Police Department learned he had violated the terms of his sex offender registration.
The man, 22-year-old Jordan Hilty, has been on the sex offender registry since 2021 after being convicted on first degree sexual abuse and video voyeurism charges. Police became aware of Hilty’s violations following multiple separate reports of a suspicious man hanging around local parks, namely the City Park/SplashPad and the Jim Blair Center playground. The investigation into these reports led police to uncover that Hilty had further violated his registration status by not residing at his registered address.
“He’s required to have an address on file. If they move from that location, they’re supposed to have it approved before they make the move,” Sheriff Brockman stated. “He was staying multiple different locations.”
After his arrest by Sheriff Brockman and Sergeant Evan Burton, Hilty is currently charged with four counts of a registered sex offender pool/SplashPad restriction and one count of a sex offender public playground restriction. He was also charged with failing to comply with his sex offender registration and with one count of a sex offender residence violation.
After this event, Sheriff Brockman wanted to tell parents, “Columbia Police make routine patrols through all our playgrounds. It’s a top priority for us to keep our playgrounds safe. But any time someone sees suspicious behavior, we urge them to report it to us and we will investigate those complaints properly.”
The Kentucky Online Offender Lookup had listed his risk assessment as “moderate.”

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