Sports round-up


ACMS Basketball

The ACMS Boys’ basketball team had a very busy week with a total of two home games and an away game scheduled tonight.

The first game was against the rival school of Russell County. The three grades put on a great game and only trailed by a small amount of points. Ultimately, Russell County maintained their lead and won all three games against Adair County.  Sixth grade score was 30-34, seventh grade, 37-45 and eighth grade score was 23-28.

With the game against Clinton County cancelled on Monday, the boys had another chance on Tuesday against Casey County. The boys finished with two wins out of three. Sixth grade dominated the court with a big win of 32-3. Seventh grade had the same resolve with a win 36-7. Eighth grade is inching closer to their next win but still fell short against Casey with a loss 25-27.

The boys will have their next match tonight as they travel to Hart County for their 5 p.m. game. The next home game will be Tuesday, November 21 at 5 p.m. against Green County.

Cheer wins 5th region KAPOS

The cheer team at the Adair County Middle School has been practicing hard this season. This work has paid off as ladies won the fifth region Kentucky Association of Pep Organization Sponsors (KAPOS) small division. The girls brought home a trophy and the expectation of winning many more competitions this year.

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