Total Solar Eclipse over Kentucky on April 8, 2024


Columbia, KY Eclipse Timeline

Timeline of Eclipse for Columbia, KY
Timeline of Eclipse for Columbia, KY
Southwestern Kentucky gets to witness a total solar eclipse! Be prepared to see the greatest sight nature offers, a total eclipse of the Sun. Be sure to get inside the path of totality for the full experience.

Simply put, a total eclipse of the Sun is the most beautiful sight you will ever see in the sky. Nothing can prepare you for the amazing sight when the sky suddenly darkens and the Sun’s corona shines in the sky. No photograph can capture the stunning beauty of a total solar eclipse, you must see it for yourself. Learn about the basics of the solar eclipse at and find out more about the wonder of eclipses at

The key city inside the path of totality is Paducah on the Ohio River. The winding course of the Ohio River goes in and out of the path of totality several times.

For eclipse viewing, mobility is essential especially in case of inclement weather. Interstate 24 gives easy access to southern Illinois from Paducah if relocation is necessary due to local clouds.

The total solar eclipse visits Kentucky on April 8, 2024 beginning at 1:58 pm CDT with the final exit of the Moon’s shadow from the state at 2:01 pm CDT. Through Kentucky, the speed of the Moon’s shadow will accelerate from about 1830 miles per hour to about 1960 miles per hour.

Safety Reminder: Do not attempt to view the eclipse without proper eyewear!

Detailed timeline for Columbia, KY






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