UPDATE: Police chief says no direct threat was made in school incident

Feb. 25, 2018 An incident that led to an “all-call” from the school superintendent was not a direct threat toward the school district or any particular school, City Police Chief Jason Cross said late Sunday night. School Superintendent Dr. Pam Stephens issued a call to parents around 10:30 p.m. Sunday assuring everyone that “your children will be safe tomorrow in your schools and in your classroom.” Stephens said a student had posted something on social media Sunday and had been talked with and disciplined. She did not elaborate on what the social media post said. Parents took to social media following the call demanding more information. No information had been issued to local media except for receiving the same call parents received from Stephens. The Community Voice reached out to Chief Cross, who said the investigation was similar to two others this past week, which started because someone said or posted on social media saying they heard a rumor or heard something was going to happen. When school officials and law enforcement followed up on the comments, they did not lead back to a threat, Cross said. “There have been no direct threats or credible threats made,” he said, “but school personnel and we in law enforcement have to take these seriously until we find out otherwise.” The student involved with Sunday’s incident will not be returning to school Monday and may face charges for causing a public alarm, Cross said. Cross said they are telling students not to spread rumors to others students but are also encouraging then to tell parents or teachers if they know of a possible threat. “Don’t talk about it to your friends; tell an adult, a teacher or parent,” he said. Cross said they have increased police presence on the school campus and will continue to do so. “We are going to do everything possible to make sure our kids and faculty are safe,” he said.   ORIGINAL POST:
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