Sullivan is first to complete his education at Kentucky Christian Academy


Every year, millions of students graduate high school. This year, however, one student holds the distinction of being the first student to attend every grade from primary to high school and graduate from Kentucky Christian Academy.
When Adair Countian Blake Sullivan started primary school at Kentucky Christian Academy, he was only expected to finish fifth grade there. At the time, that was the highest grade the Academy provided. But as Sullivan’s time at KCA continued, that changed.
“They kept extending the grades, and he went to the eighth grade, and then they decided they wanted to try to start up a high school program. And so he was going to be the only freshman that started, so they actually used him as the model to kind of get their high school program started,” Tasha Sullivan, Blake Sullivan’s mother, explained.
Not only was this particular program unprecedented, but it was created in unprecedented circumstances.
“That first year was the Covid year,” Sullivan said. “It was kind of a real struggle, but we got through it. And then that next year we did much more progression.”
While Blake Sullivan set a milestone for Kentucky Christian Academy, there are 170 students enrolled at the Academy and six of them are now in the high school program.
While it is a small group, it indicates that the Academy has already grown and anticipates more students joining Sullivan with the distinction of finishing their educational career at KCA.
Expansion is something both Tasha and Blake were excited about now that Blake had seen the program firsthand. The small class sizes facilitate great student-teacher connections, and learning becomes easier with more one-on-one time.
Now that he has graduated, Sullivan is deciding what comes next. An avid fan of computers and video games, he has explored the possibility of attending a tech school.
He has also expressed interested in working for Amazon, UPS, or the Post Office. For right now, though, like any other recent graduate, the world seems full of infinite possibilities.
By Kenley Godby

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